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The SARAH VANDE BERG TENNIS & WELLNESS CENTER (SVB) has just completed the first facility of 4 world class Padel courts designed and installed by All Racquet Sports and Play Padel USA. These courts will help bring the excitement of the worldwide sport of Padel to the US and Zephyrhills, FL.
In addition to the talented professional teaching staff at SVB, Marcos del Pilar, (acting Padel Director) will bring his 25+ years of expertise to the SVB experience.
Marcos has developed a world-class Padel program specifically for SVB and its members.
Discover a variety of Padel programs that are suitable for players of all ages and skill levels, from novice players to those perfecting competitive tournament skills.
Join us at SVB for hundreds of activities and come experience the sport of Padel as well as to watch international tournaments and special events.

Our Padel Program & Philosophy

At SVB we are absolutely customer-centric and 100 % focused on creating memorable moments that will last FOREVER. Our aim is to build a Padel family where everyone will feel welcome and part of a culture creating plenty of new emotions. We will be putting together a world-class PROGRAM with proven strategies to offer the best Padel experience in the world.
Clinics, leagues, master-classes, events, tournaments, Padel Academy and more to come for all levels and ages.
Get ready to discover something so special that you won’t be the same anymore.
Padel is here FOR YOU, your family and all your friends.

Join us NOW! Let’s surf the PADEL WAVE together!!

2 free bookings/week for members then
Members and Non members can still enjoy access to the padel courts for:

$40/h per court
Members can book guests for:

$10 per guest

Join our WhatsApp Group or follow our Facebook Fan Page to be updated and find some players to hit with:

Our Services

Join us to enjoy world-class Padel services.
Whether you are a member or not, you will be able to join all of our activities and to enjoy a complete range of services.
Discover below a new era of excitement for the entire family.

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