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Padel combines elements of tennis, squash, racquetball, and platform tennis into one unique fast-moving game. It is truly the Swiss Army knife of racquet sports.
It has been said that if tennis is checkers, Padel is chess. Padel is easy to learn and hard to master. Social, fun, competitive and addictive are all words used to describe the sport.
Huge in Europe, 18+ million players around the world with over 30,000 courts. Padel is the new trendy sport in the USA.

Our Padel Program & Philosophy

Our goal is to inspire people and offer a positive and high-quality approach in all Padel areas (physical, technical and tactical) while everyone is having fun in a Padel court.

Our aim is to expand this wonderful sport around Tampa and all over the world. We have more than 25 years of experience as Padel coaches and Managers touring
Europe and North America teaching hundreds of players of different levels to learn and improve their Padel skills.

Our philosophy is very simple, learn to play Padel by a basic method of the game and fun and creating the perfect social environment providing partners and the best atmosphere ever.

Our Services

Join us to enjoy world class Padel services. By joining our Padel club, you will be able to enjoy a complete range of services for the entire family.

Private Lessons

Adults Clinics

Kids Academy

International Padel Academy

Social Events


Court Time Rental

Teaching Professionals Certifications

Non members can still enjoy access to the padel courts for $30/hr.

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